Dubsteppers Rejoice!

Okay, so I’ve come across a lot of dubstep that I’ve loved, hated, and am still deciding on. MiM0SA has taken my appreciation to a new level. After seeing them perform at Coachella – the best set at the Do Lab hands DOWN, especially when they dropped Mr. Hudson – White Lies (Rusko’s Euphoria Mix), I have scoured the net to get everything of theirs that I can! I’m struggling to even give a favorites list, it’s all so fresh and just flows so well together.

√++ Tracks: “Flux For Life”, “F.T.A.M.F.”, “Lullabyte”, “Psychedelic Stereo”, and “Kinetic”

MiM0SA – Flux For Life (Full CD) [53MB]

MiM0SA – Hostilis (Full CD) [70MB]

MiM0SA – Psychedelic Stereo (Full CD) [33MB]

Finally, MiM0SA did a remix of one of my favorite downtempo tracks by Télépopmusik. I ripped it (cause you can’t find it anywhere) straight from their site, hence the low bit rate. It’s SO good I can’t believe they haven’t released it anywhere else!

Télépopmusik – Breathe (MiM0SA Remix) (Favorite)

2 responses to “Dubsteppers Rejoice!

  1. Thank you so fucking much! I got to hang with him for a while before his set at Wakarusa, I convinced him to ditch his planned “chill” sunrise set for a face-blasting wobble symphony! Tigran is such a cool motherfucker, if you ever get a chance to befriend him do so.

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