George Acosta Called…

…and he wants his beat back. Ian Carey’s party hit, “Last Night (feat. Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony)” was recently mixed by Spencer & Hill and the moment I heard it, I was rather surprised by it’s similarity to George Acosta’s “True Love (Gerry Cueto ASOT Mix)” – which I ripped myself from the “A State Of Trance Episode 442” 2-hour mix – it’s that good! I only noticed cause I friggin’ love the hard drop in “True Love” (around 2:55 in) and I had to say something. Where can I go to bitch about trivial nonsense? Oh right, my blog… Both are great songs though, regardless.

• Ian Carey, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Anthony – Last Night (Spencer & Hill Remix)

• George Acosta – True Love (Gerry Cueto ASOT Mix) √++

It was brought to my attention that there might be a chain of rip-offs going on here as Wolfgang Gartner’s, “Fire Power”, too, has a similar bassline.

Wolfgang Gartner – Fire Power (Original Mix)

2 responses to “George Acosta Called…

    • [copy & paste from FB] Yea I hear what you’re sayin’. I’ve been playing all three back to back to compare haha. Above all though, I prefer the George Acosta track – It drops hard!


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