Take A Break

If you were following dubPhonics on Facebook, you’d already be bumping Zeds Dead’s latest remix of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say A Little Prayer”. The already serene lounge-track is given the high pitch vocal makeover while a smooth dubby-flow makes this one a good tune for any coffee break.

2 responses to “Take A Break

  1. Very good choice moving to Soundcloud. One of the MOST important aspects of people lovin’ music blogs is that we can quickly and easily share music with other people. Having to download every singe track from mediafire before WE can even listen to it, much less others, is definitely not the best way to go.

    Anyway. Great job. Been loving and repping your blog for quite a while. So thanks!

    • I seriously appreciate the feedback as I get so little on here. But yea SoundCloud has been great! I just wish they would supply the downloads more often (it’s a pain to organize and upload myself). I’ll try to post more soundcloud / youtube vids on here though cause I know how nice even a preview of what you’re downloading can be. Thanks again for the support!


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