*My* Mixtape Monday

So I took a shot at making a mix of some chillstep/luvstep tracks that I’ve been playing a lot lately. It’s my first time mixing so it’s kinda rough I’m sure – I used Adobe Soundbooth which wasn’t really my first choice for the job but, regardless, I hope you enjoy it! You can see the full tracklist and times here. Lemme know what you think!

Strictly Rhythm

Found this somewhat dated track yesterday simply by asking the DJ playing it… Love this kind of deep house sound!

Bingo Players Vs. Chocolate Puma – Disco Electrique (Vocal Mix)


A bonus Fedde Le Grand track I thought flowed well along side it:

FLG Vs. Novy & Eniac – Pumpin Back & Forth (Inphinity & Kalendr Bootleg)

The 150th Degree

Well this is the 150th post on dubPhonics and with that, let the snow start to fall! I’ve been playing through these two albums a lot this week, diggin’ the huge/filthy electro and dubstep sounds – both are amazing productions really.

My picks: OVERWERKS‘ “Buzzin'” and “Paradigm” tracks, Kill The Noise’s “Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)”, “Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix)”, and “Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix)” tracks. Get at em!

OVERWERK – The Nth º (Full CD) [70 MB] √+


Kill The Noise – Kill Kill Kill (Full CD) [112 MB] √+

It appears they’ve removed the Soundcloud sampler for this album…

Find The Time

This song is amazing! A very mellow/chilled out track with a fantastic flowing piano riff and catchy drum beat. As the man himself, aOkej put it, “[I] figured everyone was doing the dirty sound so wanted to do something different”. Good thinking – I can only do so much womp before craving the more tranquil pieces like this one. Get the free download from the Soundcloud player below! √+++

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Otherwise Known As the Gopher State, Minnesota’s major industries & exports are dubstep, electro, and remixes. Some would even say it resembles the great state of Bassnectar, I would have to agree. Seriously though, check out this artist! Some favorite tunes of the moment is his “Push It” and “Hold Up” tracks. Good tunes await your listening.

Minnesota – Ancient Machines EP (Full CD) [34 MB] √+

Minnesota – Panda Snatching Tycoon (Full CD) [40 MB] √+

The Aftershave

Damn, if Kaskade isn’t one of the best DJ / producers I’ve ever heard! Something about his music and remixes always get me movin’. People are staring here in the library as I keep turning up the volume in my headphones, probably jealous cause they just wanna rock out to this superb beat too. Probably. This track is yet another taste of Kaskade’s awesome heavier electro sound that you’re gonna need a neck brace after listening to.

Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix) √+

Aural Psynapse

deadmau5′ latest tune is truly an amazing one that I’ve gladly stuck on repeat. A lot of you have been waiting for it and it’s now been officially released! It’s a remake of the original that was released back in 2005 and it certainly resonates that era of his music – the trancier deadmau5 that I first heard and fell in love with way back then.

deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Original Mix) √++ 


Also, just cause I love the piano, I thought I’d share an impressive cover of this song


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