Ghost Ship Sets Sail

So I downloaded the newest Ninja Tune XX Box Set the other day and it had a pretty fresh vocal remix of Bonobo’s “Stay the Same (feat. Andreya Triana)” only, instead of Andreya Triana’s singing, Corynne Elliot of Speech Debelle lays out a steady rap. Personally, I like Andreya Triana’s version better, but I’m always down for a fresh mix of an already great song. So, with that being said, I made a quick mash-up of the two at work the other day of Corynne’s rap with Andreya’s chorus. Hope you enjoy it (it’s nothing much, but I think it’s what should’ve been done originally). Also, check out the music video for it below, it’s some pretty incredible time lapse footage (bump it to HD!)

• Bonobo & Speech Debelle – Sun Will Stay the Same (dubPhonics Mash-Up)

In conjunction with the Ninja Tune Box Set’s release, Bonobo also released his own individual Ninja Tune branded CD. It’s mostly remixes of tracks off the “Days To Come” and “Black Sands” CDs, but one that really stood out was an original piece titled, “Ghost Ship”. Have a listen!

• Bonobo – Ghost Ship

The Smoothest Chimp You Ever Saw

Continuing off from the last post with emancipator, I thought I’d touch up on another, similar, seasoned favorite of mine, Bonobo, aka Simon Green. Combining a tasteful instrumental mixture of latin/jazzy strings, piano, flutes, horns, and saxophones with a variety of samples, complex drum and bass lines, and an occasional lounge-style singer to tie it all together, it is clear to see that the progression of Bonobo’s musical style over the years has been fused in its entirety in his latest album.

Personal Favorites: “Prelude”, “Kiara”, “Kona”, “Eyesdown”, “1009”, and “The Keeper”

Bonobo – Black Sands (Full CD) [120MB]

To fit the mood, I uploaded Bonobo’s prior CD release.

Bonobo – Days To Come [Special Bonus CD Edition] (Full CD) [181MB]