A True Believer

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Want some w-w-w-womping bass; some grimy, face-smashing grind? This here, is dubstep.

Shock One – True Believer (Ft. Metrik & Phetsta) [Phetsta Dubstep Mix] √+

Figured I’d just throw a few of these mixes at ya as well:

The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)

• The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Halo Nova Remix) (YouTube rip @ 128)

^ Cool break-beat/8-bit pick-up @ 1:08 ^

I love melancholy, rainy day dubstep tracks like these two. Something about its smooth-swaying, slow wobbling dub, and whispering vocals that allows me to close my eyes, tune out and just chill (with my new ATH-M50s headphones, Mmm…)

Skream – Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank) √++

• Shorterz & Enigma ft. Little Palm – Rag Doll

Electronic / House

Tiësto, recently named “Greatest DJ of All-Time” by Mixmag, combines forces with fellow Dutchman and fast rising star, Hardwell. Their collaboration here on “Zero 76” is a monumental production, fusing each artists’ style to create an early contender for tune of 2011.

Tiësto And Hardwell – Zero 76 (Original Mix)

Gramophonedzie is known for their rather big band/dance hall sorta sound. They’ve remixed this track with a cool fusion of funky electro sounds and that brand of reserved nu-disco, a combo that works out to a pretty good tune.

• The Young Punx ft. Count Bass D – Ready For The Fight (Gramophonedzie Remix)

Drum & Bass

A few months ago, I brought you all another much more mellow version of this track here. Today, I’ve got a drum & bass remix by Logistics that brings a much higher energy to the track.

M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade – Donut (Logistics Remix)


Some more Mt. Eden Dubstep to kick back with.

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Escape

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Salt Water

I already posted this song a while back (Repost!) but it always brings such a cool vibe to the room with its bouncy, progressive beat (love the saxophone @ ~2:16).

Booka Shade – Numbers (Awesome)

I found this song at 4am this morning and I couldn’t help but get up, grab some headphones, and dance in bed to it haha. Fist pump anyone?

Alex Kidd – Digital Abyss (Club Mix) (Heavy)

I mentioned Danger earlier, but I forgot to post this 8-bit inspired piece. I think it’s pretty cool (certainly picks up @ 1:05)

•  Danger – 07:46

Fred Falke is back again with a remix of Florrie’s “Call 911”, he always does such a good job – he’s a master of remixing. It is a bit more effeminate this time around, however.

Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

This song has been in my head all week! (it’s such an anxious build up to the second drop @ 4:09)

Deadmau5 – The Reward Is More Cheese (solid bassline)

Some cool hip-hop beats, these guys collab with emancipator every now and then (I’d post individual tracks, but I got lazy. You outta just check out the whole CD that I’ve provided)

• Nujabes – 2nd Collection Hydeout Productions (Full CD + Extra) [83 MB] (Love)

»»How sad, RIP (Jun Seba) Nujabes««

Forbidden Cuts

There are a lot of Tetris remixes out there but I really like Electrixx’s take on it

Electrixx – Tetris (Original Mix) (good grind)

Ianizer & Lemethy just dropped this noble sounding track

Ianizer & Lemethy – Aimer (Original Mix)

Here’s some chill drum & bass by Indivision to fit the flow of the post

Indivision – Final Departure

Aphex Twin is an incredible musician, his songs create such a relaxing, ambient atmosphere. These are some of my favorite songs of his. I truly hope you enjoy them!

• Aphex Twin – Film

Aphex Twin – IZ-US

Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm (love the use of the lighter snap)

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

Aphex Twin – On

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (timeless drop/change-up @ 4:52!)

…and some new Booka Shade to fit the mood of Aphex Twin

• Booka Shade vs. M.A.N.D.Y. – Donut (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

I heard Metro Area a while back, but I came across this electro track of theirs randomly on YouTube

• Metro Area – Caught Up

Nu-Disco always puts a smile on mah face. Xinobi, who released these tracks to the blogs over a year ago, has finally, officially, put out on the CDs “Discotexas Forbidden Cuts Vol. 1” and “Work It Baby.” (Does anyone care? No? Carry on then…)

Xinobi – Valsa in NJ

Xinobi – Day Off

Xinobi – Losing Sight (dirty)

Phonat is a trip when it comes to music videos

Phonat – Love Hits The Fan


*So I’m amped on this update, it’s got some crazy slaps and grinding basslines*

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard this Deadmau5 track already, but nonetheless, it’s a fantastic dubstep remix by none other than Caspa

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix) (Epic)

An excellent wompin’ electro remix of a classic hit!

• Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Bastille Remix Shortened Edit)

These songs are pretty fun! I really enjoy the hectic pickups

• Buy Now – Body Crash (JFK Edit) (Similar to Crystal Castles – explodes @ 2:30)

U-God – Ugodzilla (Yuksek Remix)

• Andy Caldwell ft. Gram’ma Funk – Funk Nasty (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

• Blatta & Inesha – Blatta & Inesha

Donald Glaude – BIG (Original Mix) (one of my favorite drops ever @ 3:11)

A Shout Out:

• Thieves Like Us – Drugs in My Body (Designer Drugs Remix)

For a chillout session, Booka Shade is great stuff~

Booka Shade – Night Falls (favorite)

• Booka Shade – Outskirts

• Booka Shade – Numbers

UNKLE is a collab effort with a dark, hypnotic sound thanks largely in part to DJ Shadow’s trip-hop style

• UNKLE – Unreal (love)

UNKLE – Bloodstain

UNKLE – Glow (very calming)