Forty1 and Forth

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This group has some tight hip-hop beats, this one is by far my favorite – great bass line too for those with good systems!

• Blue Sky Black Death – Lord Of Our Vice

With Kid Cudi leaking out a bunch of new tracks lately, one of them being “Highs ‘N’ Lows,” I thought I’d put out a few other original/remixed songs of his I like (that I haven’t already posted and are not off the “Man On The Moon” CD)

• Kid Cudi – Highs ‘N’ Lows

Kid Cudi – Dat New New (VIKING Remix)

Kid Cudi – Look Up In Da Stars (feat. Wale & Breez)

Kid Cudi – Pusuit of Happiness (Feat. MGMT And Ratatat) [Benny Benassi Remix]

I just bought this track, I’m really into it! Kid Cudi continues to please with his feel-good style while keeping that fresh lyrical+orchestral sound he’s known for. Dan Black sounds a lot like the singer, Jeff Mangum, of Neutral Milk Hotel (if any of you have a clue who they are). Enjoy!

Dan Black – Symphonies (feat. Kid Cudi) [Bonus Track] (Great)

I’m a big fan of Ronald Jenkees! This guy is AMAZING, he does a lot of solo work while providing some solid jams for the group Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) on their “Peaceblaster” CD. I find his YouTube videos to be the most entertaining part though, he really gets into playing his keyboard!

• Ronald Jenkees – Guitar Sound

• Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy

>>Check out all his vids here: Ronald Jenkees’ Youtube Page

Halfway Gone

This track is very similar to all their others but I still like the beat

Adam K & Soha – Who Cares? Really… (Original Mix)

Kings Of Convenience have a really relaxing indie sound while their remixes with Röyksopp and Four Tet are very well done

Kings Of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix)

• Kings Of Convenience – The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix) (Sway)

Kings Of Convenience – Misread

I love Morgan Page’s distinct sound, the “O0oh, O0oh” is also very catchy (it’s been stuck in my head all day)

• Lifehouse – Halfway Gone (Morgan Page Main)

Lifehouse – Halfway Gone (Morgan Page Dub) (Favorite)

Lifehouse – Halfway Gone (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

I also uploaded the rest of the Halfway Gone (Remixes) CD, it includes 8 mixes from Morgan Page, Fred Falke, and Jody Den Broeder (including the songs above^)

Lifehouse – Halfway Gone (Remixes) (Full CD) [100MB] Removed By Request

This song has a nice echoing, dreamy beat. I always fall into a relaxing trance under it (CLASSIXX is a highly favored artist of mine)

Major Lazer – Cash Flow (CLASSIXX Glass Bottom Dub Mix) √+

Good trance!

Maor Levi – Reflect

An older, somewhat underground, nu-disco favorit

Matt Turner – Never Say

Just heard this song the other day, clearly a Deadmau5 remix, love his dream-trance style.

Medina – You & I (Deadmau5 Remix)

Mr. Hudson remixed by Rusko for a really nice dubstep flow

Mr. Hudson – White Lies (Rusko’s Euphoria Mix) (Excellent)

I figured since I posted the Mr. Hudson mix above, I’d post the other track of his that I friggin’ LOVE

Mr. Hudson – Everything Is Broken (Feat. Kid Cudi) (Favorite)

I posted the Kaskade remix of “In My Arms” a while back, I meant to upload this one with it. Either way, it has a great Benny Benassi appeal to it

Plumb – In My Arms (Bibmo Jones Radio Edit)

The Whitest Boy Alive is another great indie band that you should really check out! These remixes have a lot of pop and energy. Andy Webb’s remix blends The Whitest Boy Alive with tracks from Mylo and Cut Copy (another great band). Enjoy!

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

The Whitest Boy Alive – Otto’s Golden Journey (Andy Webb’s Dreamy Blend)

Another favorite track of mine with an awesome grinding beat

• Cerf, Matiska & Jaren – Light The Skies (Retrobyte’s Classic Electrobounce Mix)

I uploaded my favorite remix of Light The Skies to YouTube

One Love

Emerging from the Paris underground, David Guetta (pronounced GET-ah) has risen to become a top ranking DJ for house music across the map. As a multi-platinum selling artist in Europe with three chart-topping albums to date [Just a Little More Love (2002), Guetta Blaster (2004) Pop Life (2007), and soon to be, One Love (2009)], it comes as no surprise that his signature sound of quirky electro, house, and dirty pop continues to ignite dance clubs all over. While I wasn’t too psyched on Guetta about a year ago, since then he’s grown on me through his party tracks like “Memories,” “Love Don’t Let Me Go,” and “Sexy Bitch.” I’ve uploaded his Pop Life and One Love CDs below and posted a couple follow up single tracks. Enjoy these gems!

2 Full CDs “Pop Life” and “One Love”

• David Guetta – Pop Life (Full CD) [85MB]

David Guetta – One Love [Special Edition] (Full CD) [234MB] (Updated!)

Single Tracks (Extended Mixes Off the CDs^)

David Guetta – Memories (Featuring Kid Cudi) (Extended Club Version)

David Guetta – Sexy Bitch (Featuring Akon) (DJ Jayss & Nasty Short Mix)

A Favorite Remix Of Mine

Benny Benassi – Who’s Your Daddy (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remix) Feat. Naan