Dubble or Nothin’

I came across a better compilation of Mt. Eden Dubstep’s work full of new and old songs in high quality all around. There will be a few duplicates from my last post of Mt. Eden Dubstep but the duplicates are in higher quality (ie. Madonna’s “Frozen” is now in 320 joint stereo vs. “320” mono).

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Compilation CD (Full CD) [187MB]

As a side note: It’s nothing special but I made a new image for the rating system. I’m proud of it. Now start rating posts and leaving comments!

…In Orbit

So I thought I’d start the weekend off with some dance worthy Digitalism!

• Digitalism ZDRLT – Rewind

• Digitalism – Pogo

• Digitalism – Idealistic

• Digitalism – Idealistic (A-Trak Remix)

Digitalism – Zdarlight (cool pickup starts around 3:12 leads into a nice drop)

Some of their remixes

• The Presets – Down Down Down (Digitalism Remix)

• Daft Punk – Technologic (Digitalism Highway To Paris Remix) (Awesome @ 2:18)

Mt. Eden Dubstep’s back again! Bat For Lashes are getting some good remix attention with their song “Daniel”

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Daniel

I re-uploaded all of Mt. Eden Dubstep’s songs that I’ve acquired. Enjoy!

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Compilation CD (Full CD) [187MB] (UPDATED 5/7)

Holy Ghost! It’s disco-ish only with a modern techno twist (CLASSIXX is an amazing artist too! You’ll see them up here real soon).

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (CLASSIXX Acapulco Nights Version)

Holy Ghost! – Hold On

I really like this Benny Benassi remix – there’s so Goddamn many of them out there!

Benny Benassi – Love Is Gonna Save Us (Cheb’Five Remix)

One of the first electronic artists that turned me on to the genre. It’s a pretty sick beat

• Quantic – Time Is The Enemy

Mt. Eden Dubstep

Mt. Eden Dubstep is a New Zealand based dubstep producer. The snare-friendly, electric-sawing sound all-to-familiar to dubstep is made unique through his choice of samples and seemingly well thought-out remixes (I feel that a lot of dubstep artists today are in some hurry to pump out these tracks just for the craziest womp they can get achieve but lack ANY rhythm). I compiled and uploaded all the tracks I could find of his for your enjoyment – I prefer “Sierra Leone,” “Archangel,” and “Frozen.” There are a few more are available on his YouTube account – which is his only internet basing (no Myspace, etc.), so go check out his page when you can. As for now, grab the CD below and bump these new slaps.

Compiled CD

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Compilation CD (Full CD) [187MB] (UPDATED 5/7)

A Standalone Single (His Flagship Song)

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone

(Note: this song was sampled from Freshly Ground – I’d Like)

I Thought This Video Of His Was Pretty Cool Too