Unheard & Obscured

Okay so this piece isn’t exactly unheard by a long shot, but I was flipping through the BeatPort top 100 catalogue and this track came up and I’m in love with it’s old-school techno sound (circa 2000). I’ve listened to it about 5 times in a row now (seriously). I also attached 2 additional mixes of this song in a Zip file below. Both tracks inside were produced at a higher RPM and have a cleaner, less vinyl-ripped sound to them (I prefer the original version personally).

• Octave One – Black Water √++

Octave One – Black Water Mixes (Full CD) [32.1MB]

I’m downloading new, obscure shit every day off Waffles.fm now that my hard drive has expanded to a much more accommodating 500gb. So I’m working on getting a cool playlist together compiling tracks of the like (breaking away from the mainstream).