Shaking Like Tremolo

Check out this awesome new electro house beat from BetaTraxx; reminds me of Wolgang Gartner’s wicked track, “Undertaker

• BetaTraxx – Mafiosa

Speaking of Wolfgang Gartner, I came across this CLASSIXX remix (perhaps a bit late) and thought how can you go wrong with this incredible duo? It’s followed by his #1 track on BeatPort, friggin awesome!

CLASSIXX – Cold Act Ill (Wolfgang Gartner Monster Mix)

Wolfgang Gartner & Mark Knight – Conscindo (Original Club Mix) √+

I discovered Valerna the other day when I came across this clean mix of The Cars (awesome bassline for those of you with decent systems). There are dozens of other mixes and originals of theirs that you can check out on YouTube

• The Cars – Moving in Stereo (Valerna Remix) √++

• Silk – Freak Me (Valerna Remix) (Whoa, 90’s)

I love Louis La Roché! I’ve been following this kid for nearly 3 years now, back when he first released the funky “Peach EP” (I uploaded it below for those interested). It definitely sparked my interest in French House, which took my interest in nu-disco to a whole new level. Since then, it sounds like he’s refined his sound a bit from the original über-pop/funky style found in his early work.

• Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis La Roché Remix)

Realizing that I’ve only posted only a few of his songs, here are some of his other remixes I’ve yet to post.

Heads We Dance – My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roché Remix) √++

The Phantom’s Revene – Absolute Ego Riot (Louis La Roché Remix) (twangy)

Speaking of The Phantom’s Revenge…

The Phantom’s Revenge – Saturated Phat Impact (Esto! Remix)

…But I digress. Here’s the CD that got Louis La Roché on my radar (lot of Michael Jackson mixes on here, very funky)

Louis La Roché – The Peach EP (Full CD) [41MB]

I Like the Groove, but I Digress

Ratatat had a leak on their promo CD pretty early, it’s more of the same in the best way! Look out for its official release June 8th.

• Ratatat – LP4 (Full CD) [100MB]

Some amazing dubstep pieces I can’t get enough of.

Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) (Awesome dub @ 4:13!)

Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Grifta Dubstep Remix) √++

New bangin’ electro house track from bigs, Tiësto and Diplo!

Tiësto feat. Diplo – C’mon (Original Mix) √++

Hip-hop and rap, one’s an speedy poppin’ beat the other a dark underground street beat/grind.

• Felguk – 2Nite feat. Sporty-O (Original Mix)

Notorious B.I.G. – Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)

Louis La Roché back with some new lighthearted tracks and remixes, amped up and breaking out and away from his quintessential French house sound that I’ve grown used to hearing

Louis La Roché – Malfunction (Original Mix) √++

• Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Louis La Roché Rework)

Always something new with Crystal Castles, too much to keep up with really but these two sorta stuck out.

Crystal Castles – Trash Hologram (Zelenka Remix)

Crystal Castles – Trash Hologram (Zelenka Dark Dub)

I found this song while hunting for Mt. Eden Dubstep’s remix of it, kindof a nice Morgan Page-esc bump to it.

• Delerium feat. Sarah McLahlan – Silence (Niels Van Gogh and Thomas Gold Remix)

Just some extras in the playlist. Heard the first song in the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 Official Trailer (which looks amazing)…”but I digress”

Anhken – Green Line (Ronski Speed Remix)

BSOD – This Is The Hook (Original Mix)

Larry Tee & Princess Superstar – Licky (Hervé Radio Edit) √++

A video for a great song I stumbled upon but can’t find a HQ download (other than Youtube ripping)

Break Scheme – No Matter (Liquid Dubstep) *128kbps

Wait A Tic…

Not a big deal or anything, but I am tripping out that it took so long for me to realize that this song I uploaded only a few posts back

Xinobi – Valsa in NJ

was also featured in a much earlier Louis La Roché headliner mixtape by Mnuvrs. I ripped essentially the same song as above from the Mnuvrs mixtape only a couple months back and posted it here. I feel know my version is better, however, than the one above (higher quality too), I just can’t believe it took me so long to realize the two were one in the same! I’m a fan of Louis La Roché. He’s probably why I like a lot of nu-disco, french house, and plenty of other weird genres :3 so listeners be warned

Louis La Roché – Peach (Mnuvrs Remix) [dubPhonics Edit] (version I ripped)

• Mnuvrs Mixtape Vault [7]: Louis La Roché (Original – 16:45)

Underground Inventive / Overground Effective

Happy New Year!

So I thought I’d just throw out some songs I’ve listened to this week, some new some old, hope you like ’em!

Emancipator is unbelievably chill, his original stuff doesn’t have raps or lyrics, it’s all instrumentals, but I thought I’d post one of my favorite mixes of his

emancipator – Shook (Mobb Deep/Sigur Rós)

A little rave music for ya

BT – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix) (Awesome drop at 1:28)

Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes (CJ Stone Radio Edit) (Great pick up at 1:48)

I dedicated an entire post to Ferry Corsten a while back, this song keeps sneaking into my playlists. “Zip!”

Ferry Corsten – We Belong (Radio Edit)

This song reminds me of a Tiësto-like symphony

• Veracocha – Carte Blanche

I love Louis La Roché! No one knows who he is, so, here he is…

• Louis La Roché – Be Brave

I cut this song from the much larger “Mnuvrs Mixtape Vault [7]” and added some effects, the result:

Louis La Roché – Peach (Mnuvrs Remix) [dubPhonics Edit]

This one is for the one who knows it’s for them

Mekon feat. Mark Almond – Please Stay (Röyksopp Remix) (Amazing)

• Röyksopp – Cry Baby (Röyksopp’s Malselves Memorabilia Mix)

Pogo makes his beats out of sound clips from movies like Alice In Wonderland and Mary Poppins

• Pogo – SplurgenShitter