Press Pause (But Only For A Moment…)

So school started only a few weeks ago but things are really starting to pick up – books are stacking, papers are due, studying for hours on end in the (albeit incredible) library, etc. Unfortunately it’s a lot of work and time, for this blogger at least, to make posts. Still, I don’t wanna leave the you all high and dry. I’ll post when I can, but until then, here are some awesome links to websites that I’ve been pickin’ from over the past few years!

Some friend’s blogs: 

Keep calm and party on!

So my annual upload privileges expired today and I didn’t make a post, but I’ll be back soon. Insanity wolf is insanely angry about it…  I’ll work on a year end compilation or something to go up in a few days. Till then, happy holidays!


Hey everybody,

So it’s come to my attention that many of the “Full CD” links have appropriately gone down due to their download inactivity. Many sites will host larger files (thus full CDs) but for only as long as they are (a) being downloaded at least once within 3 months, or (b) they’re not forcibly removed due to infringement. If you’ve had this problem, PLEASE leave a comment on the post with the dead link. FTW

Dunno what to say other than this is the coolest thing I could ever ask for from the internets! I was given access to an awesome private bit torrent server that has an incredible selection of music with a very picky high quality standard. I’ll be sure to upload some of the cool stuff I find in my searches. Let the leeching begin!

Dubble or Nothin’

I came across a better compilation of Mt. Eden Dubstep’s work full of new and old songs in high quality all around. There will be a few duplicates from my last post of Mt. Eden Dubstep but the duplicates are in higher quality (ie. Madonna’s “Frozen” is now in 320 joint stereo vs. “320” mono).

Mt. Eden Dubstep – Compilation CD (Full CD) [187MB]

As a side note: It’s nothing special but I made a new image for the rating system. I’m proud of it. Now start rating posts and leaving comments!

Downloading Full CDs

I don’t host Full CDs here on WordPress, I upload them to Megaupload. So, when it say “(Full CD)” Next to the title, you have to:

1. Left click the link, Megaupload will open in a new window

2. At Megaupload, enter the password on the right

3. wait 45 seconds

4. Click “Regular Download” at the bottom

5. Enjoy!

I have so much new stuff I want to share! These posts can be so time consuming!